+1. What's the turnaround time on items purchased from the shop?
Most of our listings are instant download, meaning there is no turnaround. You'll get your items as soon as payment clears. For any add-on item, the listing states turnaround times. If you're requesting a header or profile image for your template, the turnaround time is 1-2 business days once we receive your profile image and header information request.

+2. How can I purchase a custom blog or branding item?
Please check out this page for full details on our custom projects.

+3. Do you offer refunds?
No, due to the nature of digital products, we do not allow refunds. They are intangible products that cannot be returned to us, so it's our only guarantee to prevent unauthorized use. If you have an issue, however, we will work diligently to solve it!


+1. What happens after I purchase a blogger template?
When you purchase a blog theme from us, you'll get access to download a file from us as soon as your payment clears (this is usually instant or within a minute or two). In the folder you download from us are a handful of items. One is the XML file. This is the file that carries with it the style of the theme you purchased it. We always say: think of it like the outfit. Your blog's content won't be impacted or changed at all, the file will only change the appearance of your blog.

We also include very detailed instructions guiding you in installing the blog theme. Depending on the theme you are interested in, there may be a header file. We do offer to make your header for free if you don't want to use the file to make it yourself.

The instructions will walk you through installing the theme, as well as getting it all set up like the demo blog, with instructions for all the gadgets and features of the theme. We even have a fun little video that shows you the behind-the-scenes action of a purchase!

+2. How easy is it to install your templates?
It really is a breeze! Even if you're unfamiliar with Blogger, we include video tutorials with every blog purchase. Many of our reviews comment on how easy installation was, which surprises many people.

+3. Can you install my blog for me?
Of course! We're happy to take care of installation for you if you'd rather not. You can find that listing here.

+4. Can I use my own logo?
You can, although we don't offer support for resizing the logo. If you have a photo editing program you feel comfortable with, you are certainly welcome to insert your logo into the blank header PNG we include with all templates and fit it correctly inside. This is a great size guide, and recommended over just uploading your logo into the header spot in your blogger template designer, which will likely give you an effect you won't be happy with.

+5. I don't have Photoshop. Can you make my header/profile image?
Absolutely! This is a service we offer free of charge for all instant download blogger template purchases. You'll simply fill this form out for us after you purchase your themehere. Keep in mind we also provide blank PNGs and a video tutorial for PicMonkey, so you may find that you'd prefer to have design control yourself.

+6. I'm completely clueless when it comes to blogger. How difficult is it to use?
As with anything, there's a learning curve, but it's fairly intuitive. Most find that it's easier to use than they would have guessed! We have a series of tutorials available on our blog. You can also google almost anything and find an answer these days. Our video tutorials should really help you navigate the Blogger waters, too.

+7. I already have a blogger blog. Will I lose any of my content or sidebar gadgets?
Nope! Your content and gadgets are safe! Think of the XML file as just another outfit. The body of your blog will stay the same underneath, but your "outfit" will change. All of your blogs posts and sidebar gadgets will be left untouched, however new sidebar gadgets will be added from the downloaded template.

+8. Can I add new sidebar gadgets?
Definitely! You are free to add whatever sidebar gadgets you like, our templates don't prohibit that in any way.

+9. Can I purchase installation later? I want to try it myself first, but if I can't figure it out, can I purchase it after the fact?
Yes! No time limit whatsoever. We recommend trying it first because you really might surprise yourself! But feel free to purchase it later if you have any issues.

+10. Are your templates responsive?
Yes, blogger has a built-in mobile theme, so all templates will display well on any tablet or phone. If you don't like the way it looks, you are also completely free to turn off the mobile version so the web version will be displayed instead when someone visits your site from a mobile device.

+11. Do you include font files?
No, our font licenses prohibit us from sharing. We do include a link to the fonts used in the header of the blog so that you may purchase them yourself, if required (some are free, some are not).

+12.I already have a blogger template, but I want it customized. Will you customize exisiting templates?
No, we don't typically work with existing templates. The exception are a few add-ons like Pinterest hover buttons, but please understand you are purchasing at your own risk. Due to conflicting code and other things, our add-ons are sometimes not compatible with existing templates that are not our own. We do offer a refund of 75%, but please understand that the other 25% covers our time in attempting to install said add-on.

+13. Do you offer support for your templates?
Absolutely we do! We have an awesome support center here. Please use this portal to request support for your template to ensure the timeliest response from us.